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Student Services Department

The Student Services Department (SSD) plays a pivotal role in ensuring a supportive and enriching environment for students, providing essential functions and services that contribute to their academic success and overall well-being. It acts as the first point of contact, to assist students seeking help, providing guidance, and directing them to relevant resources or departments. It offers a comprehensive array of functions and services, including: Information DisseminationProviding students...

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For students who require accommodation, we have established partnerships with hostels that are safe, comfortable, and affordable. Our recommended hostels are located near the college and are easily accessible through public transport, making it convenient for our students to commute to and from college.

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Support and Wellbeing

We understand the importance of mental and physical well-being for our students, which is why we have entered into an MoU with external parties who operate a well-being centre and a health club located in close proximity to our College. The well-being centre offers counseling services, mental health support, and stress management workshops to ensure that our students can handle the challenges of academic life. Similarly, the health club provides all the necessary gym equipment and offe...

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Professional Development Centre

The Professional Development Centre (TWC-PDC) operates as a division within The Westminster College and is dedicated to delivering opportunities for professional growth through further education. TWC-PDC caters to executives, managers, employees, students, and the general public, aiming to enhance their competencies and capabilities through lifelong learning.By collaborating with The Westminster College and experts in various fields like business management, information technology (IT), entrepre...

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