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First Year Undergraduate
You’re ready to begin your College Journey by joining the Westminster Community:
You can choose one of the following courses:

Transferring to Westminster

Transfer undergraduate

You have completed Plus 2/ A levels and are taking/have taken college-level courses since then. You’re ready to change it up and continue your college journey as a part of the Westminster Community.

Interested in Certifications

Westminster College offers several professional certificate programmes. You choose one of the following short courses:

Certificate in Cyber Security- 3 Months

IELTS Preparation Course- 4 Weeks

Our Scholarships

We are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive environment for our students. Our aim is to help every student achieve their academic and personal goals, regardless of their background or circumstances. To achieve this, we offer a range of scholarship schemes and fee waiver programs. For further details please contact our admission office at 01 5911326


Merit scholarships are available for deserving students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance. These scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and are designed to recognise and support the achievements of our students.

In addition to the above scholarship schemes, we also have need-based scholarships and fee waiver programmes available to support students who may face financial challenges. We understand that financial barriers should not limit a student's access to education and we are committed to providing support to those who need it.

We also offer sports scholarships for students who excel in sports and represent the college in various competitions. These scholarships aim to support the physical and mental development of our students while also promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The Westminster College scholarship is available to students who meet our criteria, including students from remote areas, disadvantaged groups, and low-income families. This scholarship aims to ensure that students who may face financial barriers to education are able to pursue their academic dreams. For further details please contact our admission office at 01 5911325/6.

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